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. there is no way to fix this. >> fixing it is essential to president obama's credibility. with his approval office at it's lowest, the problems surrounding the implementation of the affordable care act are costing the president the trust of the american people. getting the health care initiative right could have a determining effect on how he'll presidency -- on how his presidency is viewed. the president is also under fire for his plans to negotiate with iran. members of congress are skeptical and they would like to increase sanctions on to run -- tehran. john kerry is meeting with lawmakers and today obama just the issue at his press reefing with this message. serious, there is no need for us to add new sanctions on top of the effective.hat are the position, i spoke to president obama's deputy advisor ben rhodes from the white house earlier. ben rhodes, the president says if we want to get something from iran, we have to give something. what is the guarantee they will keep their promise and give something back? >> first of all, what we are looking at is a step toward an agreement that has to hal
by the diet. >>> u.s. president barack obama made a promise when he introduced his signature health care program. if americans like their insurance, they would be able to keep it, but millions face having their current policies cancelled because they don't meet certain requirements. obama's approval rating plunged to record lows and put him in a difficult position. >> i'm not a perfect man and i will not be a perfect president. but i'll wake up every single day working as hard as i can. >> the program is aimed at providing affordable health care to every american. people must sign up for coverage by january next year. but the obamacare website has been hit by a wave of technical glitches making enrollment difficult. the president said those problems were being fixed. republican house representatives speakerboehnayn speaker boehner criticized the president. >> it's clear the american people simply can't trust this white house. >> boehner urged obama to scrap the law once and for all. >>> people in the philippines have a typhoon flattened their neighborhoods and heard help was on the way,
of people who are being monitored. ed snowden has given us that openness. exactly what president obama has said. the u.s. will publish more details about how many citizens are it and the companies involved are publishing their own reports about how many requests they receive. that kinds of transparency -- kind of chance tennessee and forms the public. a lot of espionage is economic and industrial from country to country. want that kind of thing to get out. there is a question mark about how much leaders are informed about the day to day operations. itsident obama has taken upon himself to learn more about what is happening. i hope governments listen to the edward snowden revelations. listen hard this afternoon to see what they have to say. things very ch for joining us here. coming up in the next half-hour, look out. the olympic torch. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, union bank, and united healthcare. >> my customers can shop around, see who doe
was justified. the obama administration has said barely 27,000 americans enrolled for health insurance through its troubled federal website in the firs month. the administration originalliest mated nearly half a million would sign up. but about a hundred thousand were insured in total, most of them through the state run websites. well, this is it, india's little master has been playing for his country for the very last time. there was a huge roar as he went nto bat in his hometown of mumbai. he's actually 40 years old now, drawing stumps on an incredible career, which really has marked him as india's finest sportsman n the history of the game. >> india is in the grip of the last bout of fever. fans were viewing for the start of his last match. >> we are very lucky to watch his match! >> at the practice beforehands, crowds were trying to get a last gliment of the man who's been hitting crooked milestones for nearly a quarter sently. this was one of them, when he overtook the record for the most number. as he prepares to retire, no batsman is even close to that. everyone wanted to be there for t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4